Hotel Metropole Hanoi book coverWhat’s so new?

Well – there is plenty of new material and photography in the new edition of our book #MetropoleHanoi:
among them many new things  in the book HANOI METROPOLE there are:
YSK: up to 2000 flowers on display every day – red and white only (green and yellow count as “dark” white)
A bottle of Petrus Pommerol sold at US$ 7.500,–
500 Tournedos Rossini sold per month
110 chefs work in kitchen.
BERTRAND RUSSELL – stayed at hotel – quite remarkable finding!
names added on the page 4 – thank you list
Chapter of Prince Henry d’Orleans extended
Chapter of Alfred Cunninghams detailed description of Hotel Metropole in 1902 extended.
Cross-reference #OrientalHotelBangkok, #RafflesSingapore, etc.
#JoanBaez – new photography, and lyrics of WHERE ARE YOU NOW MY SON
Original photographs of #JaneFonda in the shelter, bearing her 1972 (!) autograph and the shelter pix of the first hours (after reopening, still half under water)
New VIPs include:
Hillary Clinton
1994: Former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali
and many more
News from corporate client #Mitsubishi, Mr Shimon Tokuyama: In September 1940, Mitsubishi Corpotarion (at that time our company name was Mitsubishi Shoji Kaisha ) had used 2 rooms in Metropole Hotel as our office for  1-2 months.
#BOMB-SHELTER: Discovery of shelter, photographs, #GemmaCruzAraneta, Bob, etc.
And last but not least the opening of the year 2012: THE PATH OF HISTORY