Ambassadors of History

Hotel Metropole Hanoi book cover

The Path of History is based upon our book Hotel Metropole Hanoi.

A team of ‘Ambassadors of History’ were trained to take hotel guests and special visitors through this permanent exhibition and finally downstairs to the bomb shelter to experience first hand the atmosphere of an air raid over Hanoi during the American war.
The hotel’s Marketing and Communication Department sent Mr. Nguyễn Tuấn Việt into this training;
From outside of the hotel these wonderful people joined the team:
Ms Trần Quỳnh Hoa
Mrs Lê Thị Bạch Yến
Ms Lại Hồng Minh
Mr Nguyễn Đức

Carola Augustin, in charge of the history training, was particularly impressed by the high level of presentation skills of the ‘ambassadors’ and their wonderful ability to tell the story of the hotel: ‘Often they add personal memories and make the experience a deep and moving one.’

page from the book HOTEL METROPOLE HANOI by Andreas Augustin


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