Metropole Hanoi, Vietnam

A view from the top of the Path of History Sofitel Legend Hotel Metropole Hanoi, Vietnam

Setting: The shopping arcade of the Sofitel Legend Hotel Metropole Hanoi houses prominent brands like Louis Vuitton, Bally and Chopard. Despite these famous brands, the corridor was empty and served as a passage from the lobby to the shops, a hairdresser and the swimming pool.

Hotel Metropole Hanoi book cover

Hotel Metropole Hanoi book cover

Based upon: our book Hotel Metropole Hanoi

2012: We installed the Path of History® and overnight the corridor was turned into a museum – a hallway of information and entertainment. Furthermore it has become a public tribute to the achievements of the people of Vietnam, to the founders of the Hotel Metropole and to the people who – for over 110 years – have kept this legend of hospitality alive.

Touring the Path of History® (PoH): This permanent exhibition is open to all visitors of the Sofitel Legend Hotel Metropole Hanoi in Vietnam. Hotel residents enjoy daily tours which also include a visit of the bomb shelter of the hotel.

Guides: To guide visitors, we have trained a wonderful team of professionals to be the hotel’s Ambassadors of History.

Idea: Kai Speth, General Manager
Realization: Andreas & Carola Augustin
Coordination: Nhung Le, Marketing & Communications Manager
Engineering: Ronnie Tan Virata, DOE-SOFITEL Legend Metropole Hanoi;
Le Thu HUONG, Engineering Secretary & team

The Path of History® – Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi (59 photographs – on famoushotels facebook).

1 thought on “Metropole Hanoi, Vietnam”

  1. Kai Speth said:

    I did not know you had this website.
    Well done. It already seems so far away but I will always look back at this with fondness.

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