Path of History




„If only walls could talk“?

Well — our history curators found a way to make walls talk.

The “Path of History”® is the trademark we use to tell your story.

Curated Exhibitions, guided tours, inspired visitors. An Experience!

Path of History Sofitel Legend Hotel Metroloe Hanoi, Vietnam

A view from the top of the Path of History Sofitel Legend Hotel Metropole Hanoi, Vietnam. Every year, over 7,000 visitors experience the history of this legendary hotel.

Wall of History Hotel Bristol Vienna

Wall of History Hotel Bristol Vienna. Next to the lift, the perfect place to inform and entertain.


Path of History at Grand Hotel Imperial, Vienna. One of the showcases, with Sigmund Freud and historic room keys.


As of 1986, Andreas has been instrumental in documenting and featuring our rich history through his wonderful publication “The Oriental” – The Amazing Tale of Bangkok’s Legendary Hotel. The path of history that Andreas has created in the hotel compliments perfectly the bestselling book he has authored. Guests from across the globe continue to be delighted in taking home with them a piece of The Oriental’s history with them.

Greg Liddell, General Manager, The Oriental Bangkok



General manager Kai Speth and History Ambassador Duc show Joan Baez through the Path of History

Former general manager Kai Speth and ‚Ambassador of History‘ (specially trained guide) Mr. Duc show US singer/songwriter Joan Baez through the Path of History

The “Path of History”® is the trademark we use to tell a story.
It can be about the history of a famous hotel in a permanent exhibition.
In other places we concentrate on a building, a personality, a city, a region.
They all have one thing in common: they have a story – and we tell it.

Kai Speth:
‘I believe the POH is the greatest and most important addition to the hotel since it re-opened. The Path of History tour is a truly unique addition to our guest services, allowing our guests a deeper glimpse into the past allowing everyone to understand why the Metropole is such a unique, important and now famous hotel. For us at the hotel, it resembles the foundation of what we are made of, every ambassador of the hotel is being reminded how much effort it took, how many years of relentless and excellent hospitality were provided to get us to where we are today. It serves as reminder ensuring that we do not forget our past and honor those who dedicated their working careers to the Metropole.’

Kai Speth was General Manager of the Sofitel Legend Hotel Metropole in Hanoi, and instrumental in setting up The Path of History.


The Most Famous Hotels in the World,
the parent organization of THE PATH OF HISTORY

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  1. Roberto Pregarz said:

    You deserve an Oscar for promoting the history of the most famous hotels in the world!

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