In 1997, Richard Kaldor, then the General Manager of the Hotel Metropole Hanoi, asked The Most Famous Hotels in the World to start their research about the history of the hotel.

‘Maybe the most striking fact was that when we took over the hotel from 
the former owners all archive material was lost. When we decided to 
launch the history project very little of the hotels history was 
actually known, and none was collated. We had no opening date, all 
material had either left Vietnam or was lost.
Andreas Augustin and his team put our history together like a jigsaw 
puzzle. They unearthed 100 years of history. Today we know when it all 
started, who was here and when things happened. This hotel now has a 
document that goes far beyond any usual hotel publication, and can 
consolidate the Metropole as one of Asia’s grand old hotels. We 
rightfully celebrated our centenary in 2001 in a part of the world where 
historic hotels are few and far between.’
Richard Kaldor,
the first General Manager of the historic Hotel Metropole Hanoi who in 1997 reached out to have the hotel’s history researched.