The Katharina Struber Project

Austrian visual artist Katharina Struber  is famous for her sensational photo projects, catching the magic of life. She captures people in motion – in particular people in public spaces. There is rarely a better challenge for her talent than the life in a famous hotel.

Watching Katharina’s works you enjoy the enormous variety of its details. Produced in the wall spanning format of 3 x 1.5 metres, these works are rare time documents and an everlasting reflection of a series of moments in the life of an institution.

Sample No. 1 has been created in 2012, depicting life at a famous Viennese coffee house. 

Title: Mittwoch 18.12.2011 CAFE HUMMEL WIEN (Courtesy of Christina Hummel/Katharina Struber); 

2012: 180 x 300 cm/ Digitale Bearbeitung / C-Print auf Alu kaschiert

From her website: “Katharina Struber’s artistic confrontation focuses on space and collectivity. Her view of the whole is what becomes apparent in her photos, videos, installations, and interventions in public space. … more